Betoko & Haze-M – Addiktive Cikle EP

We can’t be happier with this fantastic release on Beatfreak. Addiktive Cikle EP by the pioneer Betoko & Haze-M consists of 2 great original tracks and 2 great interpretations by Nick Muir and Morttagua. Betoko and Haze-M show us an incredible collaboration where “Addiktive Cikle” is a killer mix with an addictive and modern beat, with housy and acid niche, where the progy melody comes and evolves and then appears a new fascinating element that comes after the drop as an unfinished story.
“Homesick” is a melancholic melody on top of progressive bass that lead to unexpected break.
On the another hand is the interpretation of “Addiktive Cikle” provided by Nick Muir making his debut on Beatfreak. Taking the essential elements from the original and putting his own touch, Nick Muir delivered for us super dancy remix version.
Concluding the release with “Homesick”, remixed by the Brazilian Melodic House & Techno top DJ and producer Morttagua. His finest touches turned out the track in darky and progy gem.