Darksidevinyl, Cadillac Express – Macedonia EP + Sean & Dee Remix

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To our next release we welcome Darksidevinyl and Cadillac Express. They delivered to us 3 tracks where they unleash brilliant melodic touches with an impressive groove that you can't miss. We also have a banger remix from the magic Italian duo Sean & Dee where they show their more melodic side with this interpretation that will undoubtedly be another hit as expected from

Beatfreak Radio Show By D-Formation #174 | Alex O’Rion


Beatfreak Recordings ยท Beatfreak Radio Show By D-Formation #174 | Alex

Dmitry Molosh – Edge / Compass Remixes + D-Formation & Rick Pier O’Neil Remix; Alex O’Rion Remix; Paul Deep (AR) Remix

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It' s been more than an year since we launched Compass EP by Dmitry Molosh. Now we selected some of the finest producers on remix duties and put them together in one release. D-Formation & Rick Pier O'Neil, Alex O'Rion and Paul Deep (AR) delivered to us their own interpretations of each