Beatfreak Interview #001 – Citizen Kain


Approx. 5 mins

We are talking today with Citizen Kain

1. Hi Bruno, first of all thank you for chating with us today! How are you and where we find you now?
Citizen Kain: Hey ! Everything is fine here, I’m currently at home in my studio, doing my favorite activity, I’m producing!

2. We have just released “Get Some” EP on Beatfreak Recordings. Tell us more about the original tracks “Get Some” and “Bareknuckle” – why did you consider these tracks would fit the label?
Citizen Kain: Well, I produced both tracks just before summer, I think we can specially feel it on «Get Some»  that in my mind is perfect to dance when the sun rises … It’s been a while that I’m playing a lot of tracks released on Beatfreak, I love the label, so it was very logic that I submit some tracks to D-Formation who is also a good friend of mine.

3. The lone interpretation of “Get Some” is provided by the label boss D-Formation and Haze-M on another hand did an incredible version of “Bareknuckle”. Are you happy with the way both remixes turned out?
Citizen Kain: Absolutely, both remixes are massive, it’s totally what I was expecting from them …

4. Beatfreak Recordings is about to release its 200th reference. We made it special by releasing mini album by D-Formation. In the album there is a track called “Lost Affairs” and it is a great product of a collaboration between Citizen Kain and D-Formation. Can you tell us more about this collaboration?
Citizen Kain: As mentioned above, Dimas aka D-Formation is a good friend and it’s been a while that we were talking about a collaboration between us. When Dimas asked me if I am interested to do something with him for this special release, I immediately accepted. We talked a lot together about the accident I’ve had with my lost luggage during one of my flights and so I submitted the idea to call the track «Lost Affairs» and we found this funny to call it like this, we did it : )

5. How Citizen Kain likes to spend his spare time ?
Citizen Kain: I don’t have so much spare time, so when it’s the case, the first thing I do is to spend time with my wife. We like to go for a walk with our dogs, to make meals with our friends or partying, to go for a bike or simply to take care of our house, I love the simplest things of life …

6. Would you share with us your plans for 2019?
Citizen Kain: I don’t have special plan for 2019 but I’m currently producing a lot, so a lot of new tracks and remixes will be released. I already have several released ready and signed on Stil Vor Talent and of course Beatfreak that will be released at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019. I’ve also made some new collaborations with my friends Rafael Cerato and Haze M that will be very soon ready. I also begin seriously to think to run a new label, to take a residency in a club of my city Montpellier, promoting my own parties and of course I will still touring a lot around the world.

7. You have been playing in many countries around the world. Do you have a favorite place where you are always happy to be back?
Citizen Kain: I think you already know my response, Teddy ! Ah ah I love to play in Cacao Beach in Bulgaria, it’s now some years that I play each summer there and it is certainly one of my favorite location becauseI  have a very close relationship with the Bulgarian public and I feel at home there. It’s always a real pleasure to go there.

8. Where your next shows are?
Citizen Kain: I will be at Filth On Acid showcase with some friends in Amsterdam for ADE next week, then I will go in several cities in France (Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Dijon …) and then I will be on tour in India and Australia for the next month.

9. We would appreciate a feedback from Citizen Kain. Would you share with us your thoughts about Beatfreak Recordings ?
Citizen Kain: I really love Beatfreak, this is currently my favorite label! I play most of the releases, so keep up the good work and see you soon for another release ! : )


Teddy Smilyanova